About Magna Solve

Our company, which has been serving in the metal coating sector for years, started to manufacture metal shingle as of 2016.

Our vision To be a well-known brand abroad as well as in the country, based on quality and customer satisfaction. Magna Solve, which has become a new invention in the roofing industry with the slogan of “a lifetime under the same roof”, will be proud to serve our valued customers with its products and quality. About metal roofing tile It is the roof systems that are made suitable for climatic conditions by using advanced technology, aluminum-zinc alloy sheet, which is given the appearance of traditional tile, is primed with polyester paint, covered with natural stone, and finally, sand is used with transparent resin.

Metal Shingle is one of the priority preferences of the world in general and the European construction sector in particular. According to the research conducted in developed countries, It was found that the service life of a structure with a metal shingle roof is longer. The weight applied by the roof covered with metal shingle to the building support system is 7,1 Kg in 1 m2. It is the most aesthetic, durable and lightest roofing material in the World. It certainly does not have such negative aspects as breakage and cracking. It has a simple assembly that can be easily laid, and It is not affected by bad weather conditions because it is connected to each other transversely and longitudinally. Magna Solve metal shingle roof systems is the new solution partner of the construction sector and is primarily preferred in our country, in the Middle East and Eurasian countries. It serves with color options in all buildings in Turkey where aesthetics and durability are at the forefront. Magna Solve is the only company in Turkey that produces metal shingle at European Standards.