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Our company, which has been serving in the metal coating sector for years, started to manufacture metal shingle as of 2016.

Magna Solve Metal Shingle Roof Systems is the new solution partner of the construction sector and is primarily preferred in our country, in the Middle East and Eurasian countries. It serves with color options in all buildings in Turkey where aesthetics and durability are at the forefront. Magna Solve is the only company in Turkey that produces metal shingle at European Standards.

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Tile Models

0.40 mm standard, According to BSE 10215-1995 standards in special thickness sizes up to 0.70 mm, zinc is coated with hot dip on both sides of the steel sheet, epoxy-based lining is applied to both surfaces and then coated with stone granulate with colored acrylic lining and then pressed in tile image. As a result, metal tile is protective against mold, rusting, decay, fungus, algae, chemical gases in the atmosphere and does not show flammable and freezing properties.

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Metal Model Tile

Shingle Model Tile

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