What is Magna Solve Metal Roof Tile?

  • It is a roof system that you can use for 50 years without any maintenance, which can be easily applied up to roofs with a slope of 12-45 degrees.
  • Magna Solve Metal Roof Tile metal. It is shaped in a 400-ton press of 0.40 mm sheet It’s solid.
  • It is not affected by weather conditions and fire. Guaranteed against rusting.
  • Safe, non-cracking, unbreakable and maintenance-free.
  • Does not require a tiled board. It is very light, does not impose load on the carrier system.
  • The weight of 1m2 metal tiles is 7 kg. However, the weight of 1m2 of brick tile is 48 kg. Suitable for nature and all tastes.
  • It has the accessory to solve all kinds of details.
  • Practical, fast to build-up and saves labor. It can be produced in any color.
  • Provides excellent durability and ensures energy efficiency increases

Technical Specifications of Magna Solve Metal Tile Product